Birthday Party & 参加型Session @rpm

▽OPEN/START 20:00〜


Andy Kinlay(Vox/Gt)
Mike Marrington(Dr)
Tommy Jaime(Ba)
Alberto Garcia(Lead Gt)
Seiji Fukuda(Key)

今夜はAndy Kinlayのbirthday session!!

If you fancy a few Friday night brews in a cheeky little bar in Shimo,
Come on down to RPM on November 16th !!!
It’s ma BURFDEE so we gonna have a Phatt Jam session and a PARTAY yo …

8-9:00pm Kiddies Party Dance Disco Time featuring sunshine mooozik by SANS DANESIN (all ages welcome)
9:00-11:30 All Genre Jam Session and PARTY Time !

Great Music, Good Friends, Plus Free Shots at 9, 10 & 11pm courtesy of yours truly !!!

If you know me, roll by for a KAMPAI (or ten) !

Ain’t gonna live forever so let’s enjoy while we can …
Especially on a Friday night 😉